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Reel you in with the zero interest

We went to Art Van last night to get a couch and 2 recliners and wanted to finance them at the advertised zero percent interest. We could only finance the furniture on the main floor, not the clearance so we need to finance about $1400.00. We have excellent credit scores and there should not have been a proplem but she comes back and says we were not approved for the zero down but we were approved at 23% interest by another lender. Told her never mind and left. They oblivously did not want to sell almost $2000 of furniture. Went to Lazy Boy, got approved for $5000 of no interest/no payments for 1 year. Ended up with better quality furniture and better warranties/guarantees. Art Van always has so many rules to get their advertised deals that most people dont' qualify.
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getting mad at a company who has no control weather you get approved or not is no reason to post negative comments. ge money has the same guide lines as most major lenders. lashing out at retailers becouse you don't pay youre bills that is just childish


the lazy boy stores are out of buisness now where did you and you great credit go again ??


calling someone a lier on here is just ignorant. No one is going to go on here and lie about what happened. People are here because they are frustrated for ligitimate reasons.


Newsflash!!!! Art Van Furniture is not the finance company and they did not deny you.

Their current finance company is GE Money.

I suggest you direct your ignorance and frustration towards them. I also highly doubt that you were approved at Lazyboy for $5000 when they do not have the financial backing to provide better financing options.


I know because I use to work there. There financing is tricky and you must have excellent credit to get any of the deals.

Always read the fine print. They do make money off all contracts written. Although they are done through another company that company gives them kudos money.

sounds like a couple of these replies are coming from people who work for Art Van. It doesn't surprise me at all the Lazy Boy gave them 5000.00

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Kalamazoo, Michigan

Never again

I was in line to purchase some new furnature due to a house fire. I went to ArtVan Furnature in Traverse City Michigan. I had made several trips back and fourth at 60 miles a pop. Of course the leaches there who work on commission were all over me. I found and made arraingments to purchase ALL of my furnature there including a full bedroom set and livingroom set. I carefully picked everything and asked to put it on lay away due to the fact my home was not ready and I had no place to store it. They were oh so happy to accomidate me. When the time came to get it delivered the delivery truck delivered everything but one hide a bed couch. Mind you with this couch I purchased a regular couch and chair with the set. I was told by the delivery person to call the store. After getting transfered several times and I was put in touch with my sales man whom informed me they sold out of the hide a bed and would not be able to get anymore in. What a crock. What is lay away anyway? To my knowledge you put money down on something and the store holds it for you. The sales man was so rude and offered me a free air mattress. I guess he got his comission so he didn't care. I should have just told them to come get all there furnature but with everything I had been through I was simply to drained to deal with them. I'll never ever shop there and would advise others to do the same.
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I can tell you exactly what happened. it was your sales man who didn't do his job.

A lay away is just a reserve at Art Van. The product is still in the warehouse being sold. When it gets low they alert the sales man with the order. He should have told you to get it now or would be gone.

Put the order in the get it for you or it would be lost. Your product was not on a true lay away where the produce was reserved.

So he lost it for you!! He got paid for it so didn't care.


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art van is a large chain of stores that does hundreds of thousands of dollars in buissness every month, including layaways. how would you expect them to physically hold on to all that furnature the warehousing needs would be astranomical.

i would also like to add that sales people do not get paid on merchandise untill it is in youre home. think before you assume

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Saginaw, Michigan
Art Van Furniture Sofa
New Reviewer

Broken Bed- so what?

We bought our bed in October 2006, after we were married and had moved. We got kittens, which were not declawed, and they destroyed the leather. That's our fault, and we understand that. They are declawed now, and we plan on using the frame in a guest room when we get the house and we'll get another frame- it's a sleigh bed like we wanted, but not the right color anyway. A few months ago, the leather slab on the side of the bed that connects the headboard to the footboard just collapsed. We have not been cruel to this bed at all. We shoved it back in, but it continued to collapse until we screwed it back in. Recently, the wood slats on the bottom that hold up the mattress collapsed on one end-the screws just tore right out. We currently have some screws in it(but we need to borrow an electronic screwdriver) and BOOKS under it. Our $1600 bed is being held up with books. Because it wasn't screwed in all the way, it collapsed on the other end two nights ago. We were just so angry. Times are tough, but our nice furniture was one thing we had going for us. So today, I finally called. Naturally, our warranty was up in Nov of last year. I told her we should have broken the bed earlier. I understand that warranties only last so long because the company needs to MAKE money, but they couldn't offer a credit to our account (we owe $700 more on couches/futons we bought after paying off the bed-need to pay off before the day the interest starts!), replacement parts, nothing. They did offer to come out and fix it for $50 the first hour. My Dad is a handyman, and he's coming by today, and we'll reinforce this sucker with millions of screws. When we eventually buy a new frame, this frame will not be used often so it should hold up. After all, the frame was already *** due to the scratches. But to think, we haven't even had this frame for 2 YEARS YET.
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Art van isn't my favorite and I'd would suggest buying from a store like Ethan Allen when at all possible but I understand that most furniture stores are so expensive and art van does offer great prices. However with those great prices you are usually getting what you paid for.

I would only purchase certain brands from there and I would NEVER walk out without an extended warranty. If they gave you a credit after the warranty they would have to credit everyone and then why would anyone purchase an extended warranty. My suggestion to all art van furniture shoppers is get an extended warranty and if the sales people haven't told you something I would ask in full details. Never assume or expect that they are going to tell you everything.

The bottom line is here bottom line! As a consumer now a days we must ask and question everything. You have to work twice as hard to earn your paycheck and unfortunatly twice as hard to purchase something.

Nothing is made like it used to be and the main goal is for large companies to seperate you from your hard earned money. PERIOD.


It wouldn't surprise me at all it this wasn't screwed together correctly. the Sales man are required to put furniture together when it is slow.

I wouldn't have wanted to buy anything I had put together when working there. I was hired to sell furniture not put it together and I was not good at it. So there is one answer why it wasn't put together correctly.

But it was out of warranty. too bad you didn't notice that before.


Should know if they are selling junk. If they can not stand by what they are selling, they should not be in business.


Art Van does not owe u a credit. The manufacturers do not reimburse the company if the merchandise is out of warranty.

You stated yourself that YOU broke the bed. No warranty would cover it if it is not a manufacturer defect.

Stop blaming ArtVan and take responsibility. Art Van only sells the furniture, they do not make it.

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Detroit, Michigan
Art Van Furniture Bed
New Reviewer

Poor quality furniture

purchased bedrm furniture 7-2007, have had 4-5 service calls on bed, 3-4 on chest, 2 on night stand, 1 on mattress, currently my cloths are on the floor, first chest returned broken leg, door will not closed, drawer hard to open after 3 service calls, my second chest was returned today broken never even used, and 3rd replacement chest arrived today broken, the delivery men would not even remove it from the truck, first time, only time, last time buyer from artvan, image the cost for service when 1 year warrenty expired and i still need service
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you think that was bad, they treat their employees like ***, then fire them. Maybe that's why the delievery men are jerks! :(

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Flint, Michigan
Art Van Furniture Delivery Service
New Reviewer

Art Van Fires Dedicated Employee

Art Van fires a dedicated employee for no good reason. SHe was the victim of harassment, the emloyee that did this to her posted the video from his phone on UTube which was unknown to her. THey fired the victim (6 months later) because she didn't tell mgmt. She didn't because in the past, mgmt. did noting for her and she was afraid of the consequences since the mgr. did not care for her. WRONGFUL termination. She diliently looked for work (as there are no jobs in MI) and finally found one recently with NO benefits for her family. NOW unemployment wants her money back! Don't work for Art Van. THey treat their employees like *** then screw u in th end!
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yeah i worked for them as well, did everything they asked, was always on time. My managers favored other workers, made racist remarks.

Talked about how they know the furniture is so cheaply made and they make so much off it.

They would change my schedual around every week and give the new guys the days i requested as i worked longer than the new guys by a 6 month period. Fired me after a injury that happend on the job after, i told them the doc said i would be out for a few weeks.


The employee that harrassed your friend is probably a drinking buddy of the sales manager and a drug supplier for the store manager therefore, nothing will happen to the employee that harrassed her.


The employee that harrassed your friend is probably a drinking buddy of the sales manager and a drug supplier for the store manager therefore, nothing will happen to the employee that harrassed her.


I was a former employee with ten years service as a salesperson and then was terminated by the store manager because they were on a mission to have only younger employees. Good luck on finding an attorney to go up against Art Van as most of them are afraid. Art Van does not like to pay unemployment so try to be patient because after so many weeks there is nothing they can do to your friend.


I used to work for AV. Thee worst job I have ever had. Long hrs, no pay, and the managers treat you like ***!


I got scamed into the same thing with te kirby company in Norwich CT!! I was there almost 10 day.

And on my 11th day when I showed up to work I was told that I was fired because I didnt sell any kirbys. Who the *** can afford a $2000 vac I dont know of anybody. Then come to find out all of the pay that was promised in my first paycheck......

what paycheck i was told i dont get paid that my time was considered training. I swear i cant wait for them to call my house to set up a demo and i will play along with it then waste their time too just like they did with mine and hey i get a free carpet shampooing out of it so call Kirby call, "yeah sure i want a free demo"


i don't think Unemployment asks for money back unless the employee fails to prove some problem on behalf of the employer


Sounds big time like harassment and wrongful termination . I'll check out my attorney contacts.


Any attorneys out there that would handle pro bono as she has absolutely no money for an attorney going up against this huge company.... please help

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Southfield, Michigan

Art Van

To sum it all up, there furniture stinks. In 2006 I bought a dining room set, all wood with 8 bar stool chairs. I had the fabric on the chairs coated with teflon stain repellent and that didn'nt work! Half of the chairs broke. I discovered it didn't have nails to secure it. Also the backs of the sofa and loveseat are caved in. To all of those who are assuming of reckless abuse to the furniture, this is not the case. I don't allow the children to congregate in the living room nor dining room. This comes from regular wear. When overweight people sit down, you can hear the wood cracking! The worst thing is that my warranty is up and I am still making payments on $3,500 worth of crummy furniture.
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I only wish i had read all these complaints be buying anything from art van. There furniture stinks from the sales people down.


You are fortunate that your set has some actual, real wood used in its' construction as most of their stuff is made with cheaper synthetic materials.


Nothing like bored Gardnet White sales people writing stories. Maybe Jenny Craig is the answer?


in addition to *** furniture, they treat their employees like total ***. They fire them for a nonsense reason because they wanted to get rid of her after 5 years of being a dedicated employee.

She was the victim of harassment and she got fired. Their furniture sucks and so does the company in general!

I'll NEVER buy from them. I prefer Gardner White.

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Saginaw, Michigan
Art Van Furniture Furniture Set