About 14 months ago I bought a leather sectional recliner sofa from Art Van. The original sofa did not fit in the room because it only came with a right handed chaise lounger and we needed a left handed one. After returning the sofa we went back to the store and the salesmen sold us two standard recliner sofas instead.

Although this was not really what we wanted, we were tired of looking by this point (it had taken weeks for the furniture to be delivered and then removed again) so we settled for this other sofa. Our salesman assured us that this sofa was made by "one of the best companies out there." and said it was a good investment that would last for years.

Now, 14 months later, all four recliner foot rests (2 per sofa) are messed up. It is almost impossible to get the chairs to recline and even harder to put them upright again. In the upright position the foot rests are sunk way back so the front of the couch is uneven and there is large depression in the middle of each. Finally, one of the seats is sunk in so that half the couch looks like its melting. We moved that couch down to the basement because it looks so bad and when I turned it upside down to move I found a very cheap looking wood frame and one of the boards was broken.

I called Art Van and was told that I only had a 1 year warranty (I thought it was a lot longer but I guess that was for the original sofa, not the replacement) and the company was out of business anyway so there was nothing they could do other than send a repair man out at the regular rate (fifty dollars for the first 30 minutes etc). Finally she told me that I would have got the same treatment form any other company and that it was not Art Van's fault if the furniture was poorly made and the manufacturer went under.

I am not a furniture expert, I can't look at a couch and tell if its well made or not. I don't know which companies have good reputations and which don't. Art Van told me I was buying a well made sofa from a good company, they ARE experts and they ARE supposed to know the good from the bad. Now just a year and two months later (and any *** could tell that the damage occurred within the warranty period) I have a broke down sofa (two actually) that I just finished paying thousands for and I'll have to go out and replace them soon.

I will NEVER buy anything from Art Van again since as far as I can tell their furniture it overpriced JUNK.

Product or Service Mentioned: Art Van Furniture Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $3.

Location: West Bloomfield Township, Michigan

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Has anyone been getting robocalls from Art Van?


I purchase a leather sofa recliner from Art Van in June. In July the service man came out and replaced it because the recliner was hard to get the foot out.

Every month since then I have had service out too tell me some other excuse for the couch to being lower on one side than the other. Buyer beware this couch cost us plenty and I will never buy another thing from Art Van, there service stinks.

as far as being contacted I have waited and waited after I was told that the sales people will call back. Fat chance.


My name is Donna Barnett and I live in Ann Arbor MI and I have had no help in getting my issues. resolved. I am sorry you are having these issues.


JR Rourke,

Not everyone in life is lucky enough to be a genius "furniture consultant". I'm sure you've gotten screwed over at the mechanics since I'm sure you are a girly man with zero mechanical knowledge.

Face it, nobody aspires to slinging couches for lazy boy. You ended up there because that was your last resort. Finally, stop calling people retarded for sharing helpful information of which this site is intended for.


Hi I'm a sales consultant at La-Z-Boy. Your problem is that you bought *** furniture and were sold by a salesman. Next time do some more product research before you decide to invest into furniture. I'm not trying to say your ***. I'm saying next time, get a pen and paper. Write the brand down. Google it. Now you know if your buying ***.

Furthermore, Artvan doesn't make their furniture, they warehouse it and buy it from other companies. What did you pay for the reclining sofas? $800 per? You get what you pay for. As a trained La-Z-Boy consultant I know that La-Z-Boy's sofas and recliners go without maintenance for many years. Artvan SELLS La-Z-Boy's in their store. Next time, pick a brand that doesn't suck, and you won't be complaining about it on the internet.

Oh, and of course he told you it was a good product. He's works on COMMISION. If you are cheap when it comes to your selection, he's going to sell you whats in your price range. Stop typing paragraphs about how you are a retarted consumer and learn how to actually make an investment without wasting your money.

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