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We purchased OVER $10,000 in furniture in the last few months at art van. We had it in layaway, and when everything was ready to be delivered they delivered A kitchen table with NO chairs (8 chairs), my son's bedroom mirror was NOT delivered, AND they SOLD our front room furniture set, SOLD it.

We called and got the run around and finally argreed to get a 'loaner' set and 'loaner kitchen chairs'…. So we waited for our real furniture, mirror and 8 chairs to be delivered, and waited... How embarrassing having to tell everyone who came over to our new home the story of how art van screwed up. We FINALLY got our missing items last week 9/22… OVER a month later, mind you the first delivery scheduled was the first week of AUGUST..

NOW the kitchen table we purchased has cloudy spots ALL OVER IT and we NEVER even ate on the table without using a tablecloth, there are also tablecloth lines on the table top!! Cheap cheap cheap!! The table looks like its 30 years old! The service guys couldn't even get them out and we were told we have to get another set..

"reselect" now I find out they don't even make our set anymore and now we have to start from the very beginning!!!!! I am so disgusted with art van. That furniture is CHEAP quality. For the price we paid for all our furniture we should have something better!!

What a waste of my time, my HARD EARNED money, my EVERYTHING. I swear I am telling EVERYONE at work and my fiancée' is telling everyone at his work how unprofessional and cheap quality furniture art van sells!! it looks nice, but its garbage. Now, I have to make it to art van tonight and reselect another cheap kitchen set!

I will never in my life ever walk through an art van ever, neither will my family or my friends and so on. I have never seen such a circus of workers!! The ONLY good thing I can say about art van is our sales person Milan at the Hall rd. store is just wonderful.

That's about it, a salesperson was wonderful… it's a shame I couldn't say anything positive about art van!! Pathetic!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Art Van Furniture Delivery Service.

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If you have something on there so called lay away. It is in the corporate Warehouse.

Some manager took if off hold for to sell someone else. It happened to me also. But then they treat you like it was your fault.

Ha.. They are suck a joke .


LittleDago, sounds like you just didn't know what you were doing. You thought they would hold it for you in the store?


Art Van doesn't offer special-order lay-a-way. Your wonderful salesperson,Milan, took advantage of you and did not fill you in that your furniture isn't gonna be special-ordered until you have a firm delivery date set. It also will take 8-12 weeks for special-ordered furniture to come into the store for delivery.

Oceanside, New York, United States #353149

To enaevass…. you have NO clue as to what I am even talking about or what happened.

We HAD it in layaway, regardless where it was in layaway it was SOLD, it was special order to be exact.

When we got our dining room set they DIDNT HAVE our 8 chairs, 4 of which were WITH the set the other 4 we purchased. The bad service was dealing with the whole thing, thanks for your input...


If you contact any furniture store in Mi, I can guarantee they will tell u that they do not physically hold merchandise while it is layaway. You are reserving a sale price only.

If your sales person was so great, he or she would have informed you of that. It is also your job, as the consumer, to ask the layaway policy. It sounds to me like they are trying to accomodate you by allowing you to reselect into different merchandise. As with any company, there will be quality control issues that are unforseen.

That is probably why your table is no longer available. They discovered there was a problem and stopped selling it. would you expect them to continue to carry a product that they have had multiple issues with? I would hope not.

As for them selling "cheap" furniture, they dont advertise to be a high end furniture retailer. You get exactaly what you pay for.

And when it didnt turned out to be defective, they offered to replace it with something else. So where did the bad service come into play??


Art Van does not physically hold the merchandise for you when something is sold on a lay-a-way basis. They just take your deposit and hope you forget about ever recieving the furniture , much less your deposit back.

It is amazing that you actually recieved any of the mdse. that you originally selected.

Your salesperson,Milan, should have informed you about this policy and prepared you for reselecting mdse. when you were set for delivery.

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