Buyer be aware, your Dario will not be the size it is supposed to be. Please read my story...Blind faith in the company does no one any good.

I ordered a Dario full-size sleeper sofa with a loveseat set Feb 2017. I custom ordered this because I wanted a specific color of leather. I waited till beginning of July for delivery. I was made aware that delivery can take some time. After remodeling my house for about few months, after delivery I unpacked the couches. The sleeper sofa couch itself didn't seem right as months went on I didn't really use it, it was uncomfortable to me . I'm 5'4 and could barely have enough leg room to stretch out. I really thought it was just me and it was a new leather. I trusted that Art Van and the manufacturer "Roma" the company got me the product that I ordered. The product that was promised to me was a Dario sofa sleeper and the same measurements as the one in store which is 88in in length to which mine is not. If you look on the website, it clearly states 88in length both sleeper and regular couch sofa.

I find out by chance after measuring my furniture to find accessory pieces that my couch is not 88 in, on my measuring tape, I measured at 77in. I contacted Art Van the next day to inform them, it was written up as manufacturer defect. After a Art Van rep came out to my home, his measurement is 82.5in length. The manufacturer will not take accountability for making the couch less than what is advertised. Sales will not take accountability because supposedly the model is Dario II, which are 85in length that was purchased. Yet there is no supporting documentation that states that the Dario II and Dario III are different lengths. I certainly was not informed this at the sale. I have contacted over 3 reps from different stores. Each and every rep all notified me the only difference between a Dario II and Dario III sleeper sofa is not the length, but instead one is custom color leather couch (Dario II) and the Dario III is the standard sofa seen in the store that is available for purchasing without waiting/special ordering. Both Dario couches have no difference in length, both are 88in. I have consented documented prof of this by their sales associates.

So as a consumer/buyer I bought a product that was misrepresented and falsely advertised. I have contacted the regional manager regarding this matter and was offered 60% the cost of my sofa set for buy back, because it was in my home for over year and has minimal scratches, after I purchase more furniture from them. My set has not depreciated 40%, the sleeper has never been used and frankly the manufacturer defect making it short is what will depreciate it when they go to resell it. Why should I give them more business/money when they can't even make right on the problem I have currently?

The company does not stand behind what was promised and advertised to their customer. I would have never had thought to measure the couch because I believed Art Van would never allow or stand for such business practices. And say even if by chance something like this did happen, that they would firmly and honorably stand behind the integrity of the company and do right by the customer. This has not been the case. I honestly have lost faith in the company as a whole.

My fault it took a year to see it was made short/wrong. Yet I only found out through chance and grace by doing my own homework before my 1 year warranty was up that indeed it was not me but instead the couch was made less than the standard it was supposed to be. When I did say something nearly a year later, no one wants to stand by what was supposed to be an 88in couch. I have relatives that own the same couch and theirs in also off by 3 inches.

I know 3 inches does not seem like a lot, but 5 inches (according to Art Van) and 11 in according my own measurements is. I have no problem telling this other consumers because frankly most people do not luxury to keep spending money on furniture that is falsely advertised. Let alone the energy to make sure that the Art Van experts give you what was ordered. They know this stuff better than I do, I am not the furniture expert here.

I will take my business to Costco and I'll even consider ordering online with companies including Wayfair. Its been surprising to hear from friends and by word of mouth that these companies stand behind their promises and customer support. I have heard that companies will take back dead Christmas trees a year later and received brand new patio sets because of a package of missing screws without sending the other patio set back. There is nothing keeping me loyal to Art Van anymore because what you pay for is not what you get. The feeling of buying from a furniture giant that cares and stands behind their customer satisfaction is not the case these days. Yet other smaller companies are willing to more for you then Art Van is when your furniture is not made right. Even when its obvious to you and them. They want your money. Then want more from you when you want the wrongs made right.

The best part about all of this... I was hesitant about measuring my love seat.

Its 3 inches off. Again my story isn't just a one time issue. Clearly this is the new standard that is accepted among the Art Van sales culture.

I would be happy to discuss and resolve this issue with an Art Van rep.

Product or Service Mentioned: Art Van Furniture Dario Iii Leather Sofa.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $1900.

Preferred solution: To have a reselect with an offer of buyback 90%..

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