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I order a couch and a loveseat in the beginning of March didn’t even have it 3 weeks I call art vans customer service To explain my problem with my loveseat and how it needs to be fixed and I was told there is nothing they can do about it I even ask to Speak to the manager about my issue which the manager got on the phone and continue to tell me how there was nothing they can do about it even though I only had the furniture for three weeks I will never order furniture from there again poor customer service for quality and furniture

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they dont honor their advertising, always soem excuse,i went there and spent $ almost $2700.00 was suppose to get a 50" tv for free if you spend $1500,00 or more, i did that,then they said their was stipulations which they never did tell me.i ened up spending all that money i furniture i would have bought later a little at a time if id known wasnt gonna get tv.she told me on phone ya you will get tv if spend that amount,then the hour we shopped i kept asking about tv, ya you will get,got me up to desk when done shopping ,i was approved,she wanted to get paper work signed,i signed dummy that i was.she said you will get a $ 250.00 coupon in two weeks to buy a tv.i was so shocked when i left,the more i thought about it the madder i got,i went in debt for $2700.oo still no tv which i needed,needless to say,they delivered my furniture when i wasnt home,i had called the morning of delivery and gave my cell phone # because i was at work.i was gonna send it back.never got a call they just came and delivered it.needless to say im gonna call on monday and i talked to a lwayer,i will get my tv one way or another.i will call lawyer and better business bureau,i heard they did this to other people and got caught by the customer they screwed and they paid them off not to talk'never shop there again

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