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Me and my boyfriend just bought a new house and I mean new just built... so we have been In need of all new furniture ( we didn't keep any and I mean anything from our last places) now we have been looking all over the place and I knew a girl there so I went in and she helped us...

okay just putting it out there she was amazing very great and still is trying to help us, but any way we had bought a Couch, 2 tables, a dining table, bar stools, a bed, a bed frame, 2 end tables and an fire place entertainment-center... all in all $17,000 now that's a lot of money.... any way a week into having this stuff I started breaking out in hives not knowing what it was from was making me crazy so I got up while we were laying in bed and look done and there was blood on my bed... wtf BLOOD!!!

Then I look over and there's this little copper colored bug running away from the spot... I jumped so high and screamed "babe look up bed bugs" and sure a *** it was... called the store they told me I was "sol and now that they know it has it they will not except anything back... okay I under that we got them from you and the lady tells me "all of the drivers go through extensive training...

wtf no they don't I have family that works as a delivery man for them. So now I'm out all the money and we have to exterminate these things another $600 the first treatment and 300 the second and most places only give you a 30 day... like really I have to do this every 30 days....

any way never shop at an art van I had been a customer sense I was a child with my parents... never again

Product or Service Mentioned: Art Van Furniture Bed.

Reason of review: Bed bugs .

Monetary Loss: $17000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Art van is trash


This happened to me!!! I bought my sofa, chair, and ottoman.

BOUGHT A 6 YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY for everything and yet it can’t solve *** bed bugs. Now my whole apartment is infested. Also, had to go to the doctors to get on medication because the bed bugs were carrying a disease. DO NOT EVER BUY FROM ART VAN.

Also, talked to the manager there named ***** and he was so rude and was telling me it was my fault. I just hope this business goes out business soon.


I bought furniture from them around the same exact time! I have the same exact problem!


Please.....maybe a friends house and you bought it home, head lice in schools ,blame the teacher my child did not have head lice i washed his hair....Hello.......


Yes, order from Dearborn, I didn't notice at first because the furniture is brown, the other day I notice a bug and it was a bed bug. So I look on all the furniture I order sure as *** it had bed bugs.

Like what the *** this is crazy. And will not take this back


Was this anywhere near bay city mi? Please email me if you can.



Your spouse is probably doing something he shouldn't and brought the bugs home..

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