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I recently Purchased a Beautify Recliner and Sectional Piece of Furniture from Art Van Furniture, Everything was going great, until a month into owning these 2 items, i started noticing i was getting bite marks on my legs, arms and lower bad ask i sat in the chair.

I thought nothing of it, when i lived in Oklahoma, i would have spider marks and just go on with business. Well midway into the 2nd month, I noticed the bite marks getting worse after spraying my recliner and sectional. and even then I decided to go and but spray to spray the chair and also spray the chair with rubbing alcohol since that stuff can kill almost any insect.

Mind you, i live in a 3 bedroom, 2 living room, and 1.5 bath house, so assuming all the furniture i had throughout my house, it would be everywhere, well it wasnt,Lucky for me. Everything in just those 2 pieces of equipment, and i even have pictures of the bugs, some of them where like small dirt specs, and i thought it was just dust or something until it started moving on its own, and some where white and some were red, im assuming the red ones were with blood, but they were small and a handful of them were big.

but if it was my house, then im pretty sure the living room sets i have would be infested, or maybe the 2 beds i have would also be infested, but lucky for me it was only in my small office.

I have since thrown the furniture away because there is no need to keep spending money on things that are infested, along with having to spend more money just to try to get rid of the bed bugs. i tossed them to the trash and bombed my entire office 3 times (Kinda over board) and also sprayed about 50$ worth of different things to make sure they were all dead, and even though im glad to say they are gone, I still feel I should be reimbursed for this because they were obviously delivered with the bugs, and even paying into the month of April to pay them off completely I feel art Van should own up to this mess that was caused to me and my office space.

Product or Service Mentioned: Art Van Furniture Recliner.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Art Van Furniture Pros: Variety.

Art Van Furniture Cons: Final delivered quality of furniture, Customer service was bad.

Location: 4577 Miller Rd, Flint, MI 48507

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Mother in law recently purchased recliner And couch and she has been bitten up. Took bug to several places to get identification..bed bugs! Don't buy from art Van people


Lucky you. You got furniture with bed bugs.

Get it treated now as they spread ver quickly.

I would call whomever and raise a fit. That is unacceptable.


i tossed it, i dropped it off in front of Art Van where i bought it from, did ask for a refund, just thought i should take the trash back to the dumpster...

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