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We purchased a sectional manufactured by Art Van Furniture. It is their own brand Detroit Sofa Co.

It is awful. All the cushions are off and move around. You sink in and so many gaps when you sit. I valled and had a service guy come out within 2 weeks for receiving the sectional.

He was worthless and just said they wont replace the cushions because of that. I wish i would have purchsed from Gotmans it was the same price.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Art Van Furniture Pros: Story i was told.

Art Van Furniture Cons: Product quality.

Location: 2300 S Telegraph Rd, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302, USA

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Same. I purchased a Davison 100" sofa from Art Van Dec 2016, paid $1300 for it and it's garbage. The back cushions have absolutely no shape to them and the seat cushions slide right out from under you.


The manufacturer is Max Home, LLC - I left them a one start on the BBB... we should all do this!!!


I had a VERY similar experience. We purchased the couch because it was supposed to be "higher quality" product.

Within the first 30-60 days of having it our cushions are so deformed. The couch is NOT comfy in any means and is going to be replaced within the next year or so


Agreed. Biggest waste of $3,000...

I have had it a year and am contemplating buying a new sofa because it looks 15 years old and is embarrassing.

It looks worse than the sofa I got rid of... It's falling apart, cushions fall off, holes, rips, tears...




Don’t buy detroit sofa company waste of money good for couple months in that’s it also art van warranty is a bad investment the consumer always wrong


Sadly the same thing happened to us. Bought a large sofa and chair and a half.

The sofa came with a cushion that had an issue, it had a large "vein" through it, almost like a huge snag, and we called for service the next day after realizing it. Art Van sent someone out, they said they would get back to us as well as fraying around the edges of the cushions. Weeks went by, we had to call to see what was going on. The same day we called is when they made their decision that there was no defect in the material.

We special ordered the pieces and waited 4 months, 2 months longer than they should have been in.

One piece is still on order that has been cancelled as of today since they are now going out of business which doesn't surprise me. Would not recommend Detroit Sofa Company, Art Van promoted them since this was their signature high line and they were made to promote them, then they got a new high line in.


We have bought the same furniture from art van and we are having the same exact problems with the detroit sofa furniture can not sit or lay down unless you stay in the total center of cushion. Art van will not do nothing so far and will not buy again at art van.


I purchased a chair and the service contract, I called for service 6/21 it is 9/5 and I still do not have my chair repaired. No more Art Van purchases for my family.


We are dealing with the same fabric issue on a sofa and loveseat. $2,181 worth of defective products.

Keep getting the runaround. Had 2 techs come out and take photos. First was last year in November, second one was this past June. Replace cushion covers is their offer.

Except the backs of our furniture are attached, so how are they going to do that. I asked that question and got "Oh, they are. Uh, I'll have to check on this and call you back". NEVER CALLED BACK!



I have a Simmons that's the same way.


I have the SAME PROBLEM! All Art Van does is send someone out and they report the lumpy, misshapen pillows as not defective therefore suck with it!

The furniture looks 10 years old and its not even a year old. TERRIBLE


I feel the same. We have had the Jefferson sectional from Detroit Sofa Company for 6 months in a room we barely sit in.

All the cushions are fringing around the lower cushions. They don’t lay right.

It looks 15 years old. I will never purchase furniture from here again!


I purchased the Detroit Sofa Couch and love it. The cushions are reversible and super thick and hold there shape. I've had it for a few months now with no problems, very comfortable and we use it on a daily basis.


I have the same exact problems. You can’t sit anywhere near the cracks in the cushions without falling in between them.

The back cushions also will not hold their shape no matter how often I fluff and rotate them.

This was an expensive couch and is the worst quality. I will never buy from Art Van again


I purchased Detroit soaps from art van also .. they sold me on the memory foam cushions .

They are horrible slide off leave a gap and the cording lines are not straight..

i had art van come out and that said that is normal.. worst purchase ever


I love my Detroit sofa and it still looks brand new even a year later


We’ve had ours for 5 years. Looks as good as the day they put it in our home.

Guest compliment continuously on how comfortable it is. Is is possible the material that is on sofa.

Our is a polyester. It has held is shape and it beautiful.


I had the exact same experience with my Detroit Sofa Company sectional purchased from Art Van. The support under the cushions gave way within 6 months and I had to place plywood underneath to keep things propped up.

All the cushions slide around and the bottom cushions slide out so badly they pop off the front of the sofa. I ended up sewing straps onto the cushions and thread them thru metal braces I attached to the inside back of the sofa to keep the cushions in place which helps but now the sofa material is stretching and the cushions are moving forward again. The back cushions are filled with sofa cheap batting and crumple when leaned on. Do not buy this sofa.

I have had it 1.5 years and am looking to replace already. The only good thing on the sofa is the material which has been very durable.


I was thinking of going with this brand. Now I think not.

I don’t know what brand has good quality anymore. I give up.

Maybe I’ll just start buying antiques. Quality was better back in the day

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