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I applied for a job at a company about 3-4 weeks ago and was in contact with the owner of the company and had an interview with him. He wanted to call my former employer and that was the only thing stopping the hiring.

he contacted Art Van Furniture and they told him he would have to put it in writing and they will respond. He responded in writing then waited and tried calling them to get the info and they would not give him any info. he told me I can thank Art Van for not being hired because they did not respond. It is very sad when people don't care about others that are trying to feed there family when they are working and don't have to worry about it because they are eating and have no worries.

No wonder this country is in the shape it's in. P.S. I have not worked in over a year and my house burned down 2 months ago. I lost everything I own even 3 dogs and a cat.

my wife and I came 1 foot away from losing our lives also.

So I would like to thank everyone that does not give a ____ about others. Also have a wonderful Merry Christmas

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Belle Chasse, Louisiana, United States #627882

***k those clowns

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