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YEARS ago I purchased $10,000 worth of furniture at Art Van in Michigan. I was very young at the time and had perfect credit.

I trusted the Sales Manager who convinced me to finance at 0%. I was lied to as to how their loans worked. As I was paying off the debt monthly - I suddenly opened my bill and found that several 1,000's of dollars in back interest was thrown onto my bill. I stayed on the "Art Van" treadmill for so long that they sold my loan to another company.

I had such a bad experience that I will never walk into another Art Van as long as I live. Save yourself the agony and keep on walking!

Shame on you Art Van! It is criminal what you do for your money!

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Bay City, Michigan, United States #1177677

Read the fine print. Duh.


Thanks for your review about to make same mistake.

Woodridge, Illinois, United States #834430

Artvan has a symbiotic relationship with predatory lenders, if it wasn't for their connection with loan sharks like G.E. they would not be in business


I purchased a leather couch and mattress set earlier this month at the Art Van Lakeside store and when it was delivered the mattress was not the same as the one I tested in the store. When I went to the store to tell them I was treated worse then a dog.

Then I was pushed by Joe Mannettie, some employee who had nothing to do with the sale because I asked him for his name. He kept trying to argue with me when I was TRYING to speak to the manager and thats why I asked him for his name. I contacted corporate and they are acting like they are right and never call me back so now I'm looking for a good lawyer. And when I got my Art Van bill yesterday there are charges on there I did not consent too.

They are scammers and are only nice to you when you want to buy something but when you have a problem with one of their products they treat you like ***.

What a shame. Shame on you Art Van Elslander.


You probably waited to the last day to pay your balance off and went to the store to make the payment in good faith. They probably told you that you had to mail it in to the finance company thereby making the payment late with a ton of extra interest tacked unto the bill because it appears late. This is how Art Van can build more stores and contribute to charities and come out looking like a hero.


Art van is only doing what every other sleazy retail place does...... Difference is they use their actually modest ( in comparison to his wealthy) charity work to both justify their business practices and get amazingly great publicity for their stores. Art is not a humanitarian, just shrewd business guy


Your concern has come to our attention, and we would like to address your situation. However, we need further information before our investigation can begin. Please contact us at 586-983-2134 or via email at service@artvan.com at your earliest convenience. Please mention your screen name when you contact us so we can refer to your posting.

Thank you,

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