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We purchased The Cloud sectional sofa less than a year ago. We noticed the wedge was a different color than the rest of the set.

We have the set that is in the greyish-blue color. The wedge has brown tones to it. The entire wedge is a different color. When we called to report this issue they told us that it's sun discoloration and there's nothing they can do about it.

Well, if it's sun discoloration why aren't the other parts of the sofa discolored the same way? The sun hits many parts of the sofa but the entire wedge is the only part of the set that is a different color. We had two service calls. Both men said the same thing - it's a brown color that doesn't match the other set.

Ashley, a manager continued to tell us it's from the sun and eventually the whole set will be discolored - wait, what?!? We paid over $3000 for this set - it should NOT be changing color at all let alone in less than a year. However, we know this is not from the sun. In addition to the poorly made furniture, the customer service and communication is horrible.

We have had to call Art Van multiple times because they do not call back when they say they will. At one point they offered to go half way and pay for the material if we pay for the labor. We asked what the cost of each would be but they failed to give us this information. Another manager said they receive calls and complaints like this all the time and cannot help us.

This is absolutely ridiculous and shows this company does NOT care about their customers or their products. We do NOT recommend this company and will continue to spread the word.

Review about: Art Van Furniture Furniture Set.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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