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We purchase a leather sofa quite some time ago. We didn't "love" it but we owned it. It was miserably uncomfortable.

2 weeks ago we were moving it and happened to unzip the back and a middle leg support fell out-STILL IN THE BUBBLEWRAP!!!!. It had never been attached by the installation crew. Upon further inspection we realized the frame was broken in 2 places.

Please learn from our stupidity- you are not covered for anything AFTER 7 days!!!

This is a poor company at best and they will not stand by their product line.

Spend your money wisely; shop elsewhere.

J Less, Rockford, Mi.

Product or Service Mentioned: Art Van Furniture Sofa.

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Houston, Texas, United States #755308

He forgot to mentioned he weighed 800 pounds. This is BS they cover their furniture for manufacture defects...

This clearly isn't one. Wood splitting on it's own would be one.

Clearly sir you have abused this furniture. Things just don't break on their own.

Newark, New Jersey, United States #693984

Droppin bs card. I've purchased from art van and my warranty covered me a year down the road whole new sectional and free delivery

New Haven, Michigan, United States #685528

His daughter Debbie Lewis is a cheapskate

Who're we did her kitchen years ago she made us buy a

Her a new microwave

to Anonymous #727460

Where do you think his daughter Debra Vanelslander learned her scams from, Dad of course. He lives at Turtle Lake Estates in Bloomfield Hills and he ripped off one interior designer and refused to pay her for all her work years ago.

He has one ugly mistress named Sarah, his former cook. He is still married too and his poor wife has to deal with all this embarrassing stuff and while he prances around at 83 with these bimbos he has to buy to keep them around to make him feel young. UGH. His former girlfriend Lorin moved to NY to escape all this mess.

She is so beautiful and makes Sarah his other concubine look like a man in drag.

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