Back to the Art Van story about their warrantee, or lack of it. They agreed to negotiate with me but I had to take down my posts on Facebook first, which I did. I took the position with them that they sold me these chairs and warrantees based on the fact that they were leather. Turns out they were not leather but polyurethane. Shouldn't they have sold me a polyurethane warrantee? They even sold me a "leather protection kit" ,what they sold me wasn't leather. WTF! At this point my chairs are toast and Art Van has refused to honor both warranties. ($250) One was a 5 year full product defect warrantee which should cover the broken down chair arms. (very boney) and the other the 10 year full leather protection warrantee. LOL. These chairs will be 2 years old in April. Bottom line is that I am headed to court with this dishonest company as I don't care what it costs. If you choose to buy a product from Art Van I wouldn't suggest buying the warrantee as they seem to deny the claims based on the fact that you didn't report it to them within 5 days (Arbitrary). This is only information contained online and not shown to you when you purchase it. I asked for a full refund ($250) on the warranties and $100 each for the chairs as they will be thrown out. They offered me a $300 store credit (Woop-tee-do) so I told them I would not except anything less than honoring the warrantee to repair them or replacing the chairs. Can't wait to explain it to a judge. Going for the max allowed in small claims. Have many hours in court as a police officer.

Please share this so we can get the word out about Art Van.

Product or Service Mentioned: Art Van Furniture Recliner.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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Hi. I have the same issue and had a technitian come in to inspect it and straight up told me that my couth is like a skin- if you don't condition it- it will dry out.

And that is what happened to my couch and started to peel less than 3 years later. I purchased protection and that is a leather kit while apparently it only has a top layer which is leather and when I was buying it they said it was leather and sold me the warranty with a leather cleaning kit.

Please call me if you can so that I could learn more about your court case 313-312-4112. I purchased my sofa from the Novi location and they just told me to call the warranty phone number.


Good Luck with court. That picture looks like damage, not a defect in workmanship. Let us know how it turns out.


Lmfao I was puzzled about what kind of person would go to such lengths over something so arbitrary as this especially with the company offering a nice refund but then I read the last sentence and it all makes sense now. A cop would do/say stuff like this because that little badge gives you a "God concept" that makes you think you can do or get away with whatever you want. I guess if you watch the news recently cops do get away with whatever you want so you will probably end up owning that store by the time your done

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