Art Van sales people, even though many of them were present, most of them were chating with each other and ignoring the costemers questions and concerns. Several sales people approached me and left me without answering my questions.

They dissapeared on me. I spent 2 hours there chasing people around and came out twice to pick my merchandise, since the first time around they forgot to give me the receipt. Very bad experience. Usually, at other stores have had good experience, but the one in Southfield was really awaful.

Not going there again. If you want to waste your time go there.

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Roachelle show me your t|t$ and ill be rite in. Be in the bedding section waiting to test out a king size.


I was a sales that took time to answer questions, I even allowed customers space to enjoy their shopping.

The Grand Rapids Store fired me for it. Now the are refusing to give me commission on sales I made.

to Arkansas dude Rochester, New York, United States #604144

sorry but you will probably never get your commission check. Management gets all that when someone quits or is fired.

Go figure?

When you get someone helpful go back and ask for them by name. They make no money unless you buy so remember the good one's name.

I work at Art Van and I really enjoy helping people. I want to help and I want people to be happy once they get home and with me and ultimately with Art Van. So workers like me do exist, we are not all hiders and lacking enthusiasm. I have it and would love you help you.

Come to Port Huron and ask for Rochelle. :grin

I completely agreewith this post. I have yet to have a good experience with the sales staff at art van.

I did have a helpful woman once but it was when I was just browsing that day...go figure! Every time I have been at art van I feel like I am playing hide and seek. I think it is a good thing art van has somewhat of a monopoly on the market in our area because they would certainly be out of businesses if they didn't. Everything about the store is a joke from the way they lie...they told me the mattress I l had to be custom made!

To the 2 Weeks it took me to get the mattress and the lack of enthusiasm of the staff.

I was leary of going tho art van this time and with good reason. Next time I will listen tho My intuition and I will NOT be back.


Go to the showroom and take a huge *** on the most expensive couch and Leave

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