I bought a couch from artvan and I paid extra money for life warranty that covers for leather wear and tear. The couch became wear and tear, and contacted with them.

They sent someone to check the damage and he gave me a number that I can call after 24 hours and left without telling me anything. After 24 hours, I did call the number but unfortunately they refused to fix my couch by saying your warranty doesn't cover wear and tear. I'm really disappointed for what they did to me.

So in this case be careful Artvan and salesmen don't trust at all. Now I don't have where to address my problem except to comment here.

Product or Service Mentioned: Art Van Furniture Sofa.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Location: 425 East Eisenhower Parkway, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108, United States

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Our couch is also "flaking" apart this way... No one even sits on our live seat and it's flaking so badly that it looks 25 years old... I don't believe this is genuine 100% leather (as stated on the tags upon purchase) We will never buy from ArtVan ever again, buyer beware!


The warranty would have fully covered the issue if it were to be reported as soon as any cracking, peeling, or bubbling was noticed. Almost the entire inside are is missing material.

Any warranty would seem this a point of waited too long to call. The warranty actually covers alot if it's reported within a reasonable time.


Number one; the leather protection warranty is a 10 year warranty, not lifetime. Number two; It protects against cracking and peeling of the leather while being properly maintained with their leather cleaning and condition kit that they give you when you make the purchase.

You also have to notify them as soon as you see it cracking or splitting.

By the looks of your picture, you waited, and waited, and waited until it was un-repairable. That isn't even normal wear and tear, that is abuse and neglect.


suck *** assistant--- this should not matter period.. as long as warranty is in place---cheap *** ArtVan should of replaced with out a headache for the buyer...OR Made sure that their suppliers recycled leather put together with glue...not solid leather


This isn't leather. Full Grain leather would never do this.

You were sold a cheap knock off faux leather product. You can't condition/ moisturize a synthetic leather.

Wear and tear yes, but this why you thought you were getting a good deal on "leather". You were sold ***




Looks can be deceiving captain knowitall... We had the same problem, only 3 years into our couches from Artvan.

There is hardly anyone even sitting in our couches to warrant regular wear and tear, much less extreme LEATHER FLAKING OFF IN CHUNKS. This also with our taking care of the leather as directed to ensure no cracking... Its garbage!

It's not even leather, it's fake being sold as real... Nice try.

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