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I wish the past two years of my life could have been spent doing things more beneficial for this planet. However, I fell under the spell of corporate leadership and was essentially there to get as much money from each person who walked through the door as possible and recognize my employees for deceiving customers with overcharging and not including the facts of their financing offers.

When I discovered senior management in my store "cooking the books" (basically discounting items to include the price of warranties and other high margin accessories" so we could receive a bonus at the end of the month, I reported the incident to my HR department. Afterwards, I was subjected to retaliation and discharged from my position less than two weeks later. I was terminated over the phone. Who does that?

Being in management for twelve years I never discontinued anyones employment in that manner. My advice, never shop here.

Local furniture businesses can benefit more from your service and you will get a product not shipped in from China.

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Too bad you didn't read my experience before wasting your time. Art Van Furniture is not an honest company to work for.

If you do the right thing you will never make it. It is sad and so happy to see more furniture stores opening up in Kalamazoo area. I hope they are hurting there bottom line.

There are honest people who work for Art Van but they are the new people on the floor.

Anyone who has been there awhile are not.

I hope you are on the bigger and better things.

I know I am. But I will not miss a chance to make people aware of Art Van and how horrible they are.


I agree with shopping local if possible, but which store did you even work at?! I just started at one of the top places and every single salesperson I've come across is very clear and honest about anything business-wise since you can't help anybody without those personality aspects.

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