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I went into Art Van with the intentions of buying a couch and a loveseat and placing it on layaway till my apartment is ready and then have them deliver it. I find an entire living room set (couch, loveseat, 3 tables and 2 lamps) for a little over $700.

Fantastic. So I go with that. Delivery is another $90-something. All together everything comes out to about $930.

Sales guy asks how much I would like to put down today, I tell him 25% and give him my card. He swipes and I'm talking to my mom, and then he says there was some sort of error and we need to go with him up to the office. Long story short, the guy charged me the full $930 instead of the $200-something and their manager tells me THERE'S NOTHING THEY CAN DO ABOUT IT. Okay so you made a $930 mistake and there's nothing you can *** do about it?

you just wipe out most of my bank account and there's nothing you can do? I finally have the run around with my bank the next day, going back and forth on the phone with them and Art Van. I got in touch with a manager named AJ at the Taylor location, who was very friendly (he has to be, it's his job) and was working with me on the issue. I decided to call corporate about all the trouble I was going through with just trying to put a simple living room set on lay away.

I spoke to someone at corporate whom told me they were going to look into this and give me a call back later on in the day. Here we are almost 48 hours later and I've still yet to receive a call back from corporate. When your own corporate office doesn't even call you back, THAT IS A HORRIBLE SIGN OF BUSINESS. I would INSTANTLY lose my job if I ever left my office at the end of the day with lingering voicemails and calls that were supposed to be returned.

Even though AJ had offered me free shipping (after having to ASK for it), having my bank account wiped out, being laughed at in the face by Natasha (a manager) telling me there is nothing they can do about it, and then corporate not even calling me back to help me with my situation, I'm sorry but 3 strikes and you are out. I don't even want your furniture anymore. Not only this, but I had taken this complaint to the Facebook page as well, only to have my post DELETED so they would not have a bad image in the social networking world.

This company is a complete JOKE. I will NEVER hand over a single penny to this company and I will make sure no one I know does either.

Monetary Loss: $924.

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Westland, Michigan, United States #774915

why are you buying a nine hundred dollars of furniture when you don't have extra money in your bank account. talk about poor finanical choices go to big lots and get a couch ***.

Taylor, Michigan, United States #755313

LOL i'm sure they took your money and "laughed in your face"

M0ron. Have some integrity..

to Anonymous #755493

Actually had the same thing happen to me so don't be so quick to not believe. This store is a nightmare.

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